Professional Partners

As CKAN is free, open-source software, data publishers have full freedom to choose any supplier for hosting and support. Should you wish to engage the Services team at the Open Knowledge Foundation, who is driving and maintaining the code base for CKAN, please contact us at Our experiences cover small local governments, large national governments, NGOs and other organisations in different countries.

With CKAN succeeding in a growing and maturing market, the OKF is keen to promote and develop an extensive global network of open data managers and technical deployment specialists so that local support is available.

Professional Partners

  • Liip is one of Switzerland’s leading developer of tailor-made, agile web applications. State-of-the-art technologies, tried and tested industry standards and open-source software are the foundations on which Liip’s services for government agencies, corporates and NGOs are built.
  • Ontodia is a US-based urban informatics company specializing in converting municipal open data to actionable knowledge. It aims to help accelerate the creation of a federated network of city data commons, on top of which, governments, businesses, non-profits and ordinary citizens can have two-way, data-driven conversations about their cities.
  • XVT Australia is a leading and award-winning team of highly talented people who are passionate about technology and software development. We are driven by client satisfaction and committed to delivering great results for our clients across all levels of government, education and major corporates.

Becoming a partner

The goal for the OKF Professional Services Partner Program is to shorten your learning curve in technical development and stakeholder governance for open data management; Support your business development for open data portal deployment and technical support; And offer skills development and training to deliver a greater range of value added services to your clients. There are two propositions that vary in structure and components: The standard Professional Services Partnership and the Select Professional Services Partnership.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to join this program, to benefit from the experience and support the OKF can offer to further grow the ecosystem of open data management tools. Your partnership will permit us to focus on developing and curating the best open data management tools, including CKAN (now in version 2.0!), OpenSpending, CrowdCrafting (PyBossa), and Recline.js, as well as building the next generation of software. We also want to promote and develop a wide range of open data managers and technical deployment specialists that can support organisations around the globe to deploy “open” open data platforms.

If you’re interested in becoming a CKAN partner, drop us an e-mail with a brief outline of the kind of work you expect to be doing, and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you’s

We thank all those pioneering companies that worked with us and the wider CKAN community under the previous partnership scheme to spread the message of open data around the world!

  • New Amsterdam Ideas (USA)
  • Semantic Web Company (Austria)
  • SEA Tecnologia (Brazil)
  • Distillr (Ireland)
  • Fry IT (UK)
  • Emobit (Finland)
  • Flo Apps (Finland)
  • Ondics (Germany)