Deployment & set-up

Deployment & set-up

We offer a number of plans that can include requirements gathering, deployment, testing, training, customization and support for your CKAN-based Data Portal.
Hosted & SLAs

Hosted & SLAs

Monthly subscription to a pre-configured CKAN-Powered Data Portal with guaranteed uptime and SLAs.
Support days

Support days

Can be used for consultancy, advice, training, development, bug fixing, upgrades, support and workshops around creating and deploying your CKAN-based Data Portal

Not sure what you need?

We are happy to provide help and consultancy around your open data strategy. Click on the stage you are at:

  • Small/middle-sized administration or NGO wanting to publish datasets in a fast, reliable way – We recommend a data portal solution hosted by us that is fast to setup, easy to run, and maintained by us. See Hosted plans
  • National government or a large institution wanting a branded self-hosted data portal, customized to integrate with existing online presence – We recommend a site deployment with the level of support and consulting that you need. See Deployment plans

Several options:

  • Create a group to host your data for free on our community-based general-purpose portal at
  • Get a basic alpha prototype portal with us for just £2k and use our support bundles for extra development and help when necessary
  • All our software is open source. Download it for free to set it up and configure yourself. You can still buy support from us if you need help, but everything is documented in detail in the ckan docs and our mailing lists provide community support

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