Open source

CKAN is open source and can be downloaded, installed, modified and used for free. There is no long-term lock in – its open standards and API mean you won’t lose access to your datasets if you choose to move away from our hosting and support.

The source code is found here (pypi in source format). Documentation about the source code is found here.

Hosting and support

CKAN is developed and supported by a full-time development team who can provide hosting and support, with professional-level consultancy, customisation, and SLAs also available.

For local and regional governments and smaller organisations, our CKAN Hosted service gives you the convenience of a hosted instance that can be set up in minutes with guaranteed support and uptime. For more complex projects, such as a major national data portal, talk to us about custom development and consultancy on branding, full integration and additional features.

For full details, see All revenue returns to the non-profit OKFN and support further CKAN development.


For data users: researchers, journalists, programmers, citizens For data publishers: governments, companies, charities
  • Explore: search, add, edit, describe, tag, group data-sets via web front-end or API
  • Collaborate: user profiles, dashboard, social network integration, comments
  • Use: metadata and data APIs, data previews and basic visualization of excel data, full documentation for building extensions
  • Publish data through a guided process or import via API/harvesting from other catalogues
  • Customise: metadata fields, theme, brand
  • Store data within CKAN or on external sites
  • Manage: Full access control, version history with rollback, INSPIRE/RDF support, user analytics