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CKAN release 1.4.3

September 14, 2011 in Releases, Uncategorized

Today we released a new version of CKAN (1.4.3) which covers a good number of bug fixes, speed ups and some new features. The release is on PyPI and source is at BitBucket.

For example, now you can view a dataset as it was in CKAN at a past date or revision using an @ parameter e.g. Also we’ve put in links to these old versions into the revision history view e.g.

Another cool thing we’ve added is the “Action API” to try out. The existing v1 and v2 APIs are still there for main use, but we’re putting the v3 out in this release as a ‘beta’ for feedback. The key difference is that instead of being RESTful, it’s RPC style. It is more powerful than existing APIs and aims to give better help feedback when things, so good for using it in Javascript etc. The docs are here: Action API Docs and please let us know how you find it so far.

Here’s the changelog about this release:

v1.4.3 2011-09-13


  • Action API (API v3) (beta version) provides powerful RPC-style API to CKAN data (#1335)
  • Documentation overhaul (#1142, #1192)


  • Viewing of a package at a given date (as well as revision) with improved UI (#1236)
  • Extensions can now add functions to the logic layer (#1211)
  • Refactor all remaining database code out of the controllers and into the logic layer (#1229)
  • Any OpenID log-in errors that occur are now displayed (#1228)
  • ‘url’ field added to search index (e9214)
  • Speed up tag reading (98d72)
  • Cope with new WebOb version 1 (#1267)
  • Avoid exceptions caused by bots hitting error page directly (#1176)
  • Too minor to mention: #1234,

Bug fixes:

  • Re-adding tags to a package failed (since 1.4.1 in Web UI, 1.4 in API) (#1239)
  • Modified revisions retrieved over API caused exception (since 1.4.2) (#1310)
  • Whichever language you changed to, it announced “Language set to: English” (since 1.3.1) (#1082)
  • Incompatibilities with Python 2.5 (since and maybe earlier) (#1325)
  • You could create an authorization group without a name, causing exceptions displaying it (#1323)
  • Revision list wasn’t showing deleted packages (b21f4)
  • User editing error conditions handled badly (#1265)

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