Technical Team

The technical team are the “official committers” for the CKAN software and related technologies. The team is responsible for:

  • overseeing and managing code contributions
  • CKAN releases and QA of these
  • putting in place good technical processes such as code quality standards, code review practices, CI etc and ensuring these are adhered to
  • providing technical vision for CKAN and make major architectural decisions
  • technical documentation
  • appointment of new committers and leads (by consensus wherever possible)
  • being a contact point for day to day development and more regular dev meetings.
  • organising dev meetups alongside other CKAN Association events or at third party events eg Pycon

The team will be led by one or more leads. The whole team may be involved in decision making and technical discussion but it is likely that individual modules will be delegated to the responsibility of particular committers with the leads helping to coordinate and drive forward decision-making.

Technical Team Calls

The Technical Team have regular weekly online meetings. These calls are open to everyone not just the Technical Team members.

Meeting times and the Google Hangout URL are listed in the Meeting Pad:

Technical Team privileges

  • Get a vote on core changes
  • Can become a module owner
  • Help set technical direction of CKAN
  • Recognized as leading member of the CKAN technical community

Technical Team Member Responsibilities – More Detail

  • Triaging issues
  • Reviewing of pull requests (often in collaboration with a module owner)
  • Reviewing ideas and roadmap
  • Helping set technical direction
  • Attendance at least one online meeting a month (and preferably one a week)
  • Join the public developer mailing list.

How to become a Technical Team member

  • Demonstrate active involvement
  • Sign up to ckan dev mailing lists
  • Willingness to contribute and understand the project, read the docs, code guidelines etc.
  • Regular attendance at review/dev meetings (once a fortnight)
  • Follow pull request guidelines (if doing code changes)
  • Demonstrated ability to review pull requests (see pull request guidelines)

Note that decisions about appointing new members is ultimately taken by existing Technical Team members and is at their discretion.

Current Members

The current team consists of:

  • Ian Ward ( – Technical Team Lead
  • Tyler Kennedy (Statistics Canada)
  • Brook Elgie (Open Knowledge International)
  • Adrià Mercader (Open Knowledge International)
  • David Read (