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Join us for CKANCon 2016!

ashleycasovan - July 14, 2016 in Association, Community, Events, Feature, Featured

Join us in Madrid, Spain on October 4th, for CKANCon 2016, one of the official International Open Data Conference Pre-Events.

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that registration for the event is now open! You can register today for both in person and online participation!

CKANCon is a day packed with talks and discussions showcasing the incredible work people are doing with CKAN. This includes topics ranging from uses and best CKAN practices to technical services and new extensions. New, long-standing, and future CKAN users are encouraged to attend. Full details, including speakers and breakout sessions, will be announced soon.

If you’re interested in showcasing your CKAN work, please email! We are looking for speakers to give short talks about upcoming features, extensions, integrations and anything else CKAN.


Code of Conduct

Adrià Mercader - January 27, 2016 in Association, Community

As the CKAN community grows and includes more people from various backgrounds it seems like a good time to adopt a Code of Conduct that will ensure it remains a welcoming place for everybody.

The Code of Conduct can be accessed on the main CKAN repository:

Rather than trying to come up with a useful one ourselves we have
adopted one based on The Open Code of Conduct.

As stated on the code, if you feel this has been breached you can
contact conduct at This currently forwards to the members of
the tech team.

As ever, feel free to send us any comments or feedback.

Bazinga! Minutes from the CKAN Association Steering Group – 1 April (no joke)

Steven De Costa - April 1, 2015 in Association, Featured


The following minutes represent what the Steering Group discussed today but please remember its also just a meeting (context: no real work is ever done in a meeting). The objective is to discuss and assign actions when needed, to make decisions when needed and to generally align everyone in the various ways each member is already supporting the CKAN project. Reading between the lines of this update there are a few points to call out and make mention of.

  1. The Steering Group (SG) are renewed with energy and determination. While the last meeting might have been some time ago we have set ourselves the objective of meeting weekly (after next week) because it is clear that the CKAN project is advancing rapidly and support from the SG needs to align with the velocity of the project without any risk of holding it back. Let’s add some buzzwords and suggest that the SG is aiming to bootstrap the project and intersect on multiple vectors to achieve maximum lift via regular and meaningful engagement with its project stakeholders (Please don’t take that last sentence seriously).
  2. ‘Distill out a 1-3 pager’ in relation to the business plan means getting lean and putting focus on the most essential parts of the CKAN Association business plan. Long docs with much wordage are great in some situations but in the case of the CKAN project we have an avid community of exceptionally bright people who are fine with the key objectives, strategies and tactics put forward in the most succinct way possible.
  3. If there is to be an operating model for the SG then it will be this: Say what is going to get done. Get it done+. Let everyone know it is done.
  4. Some awesome questions are answered at the end of this post.

+ In some cases things might not actually get done but we will strive to do the best we can. Yes, we’ll be transparent with goals. Yes, we’ll be happy to take any and all feedback. Yes, we are working for the CKAN project and are ultimately governed via public peer review by the project’s community.

CKAN Association Steering Group Meeting 1 April 2015

  • Present: Ashley Casovan (Chair), Steven De Costa, Rufus Pollock (Secretary)
  • Apologies: Antonio Acuna


  1. Steering Group Goals (next quarter)
    1. Announce more clearly existence and purpose of Steering Group
      1. steering group email alias: (goes to group)
    2. Announce objectives which are
      1. Finalise business plan (have now had out for consultation for some time)
        1. Distill out a 1-3 pager
        2. Finalise and announce to list
        3. hangout on air to announce
      2. Community meetings
        1. Technical team run one at least one (general) developer community meeting in next 2m
        2. At least one users community meeting in next 2m
  2. Responsibilities of the SG
    1. Like a board – see /about/steering-group/
    2. Similarities to Drupal Board: job is to support the community in moving the project forward – self-determination
  3. Review Actions
    1. – primarily business plan and response to questions [note this Trello board is private]
  4. CKAN Event at IODC
    1. CIOs and CTO – CKAN is part of national and regional infrastructure
    2. efficiency gains on open data
    4. Technical capability
  5. Review of student position description
    1. Ashley to send out to SG members for comment
  6. Meeting schedule: SG will meet weekly (for present) every Thursday at 12 noon UK (for 30m)
  7. Publishing minutes from this meeting – will aim to send asap

Your questions answered

Q: Is the SG interested in increasing transparency of the SG meetings? How will this be achieved?

SG: Yes. This was discussed and we would like to propose the next meeting be run in two parts. One part will be closed to attend to some regular business of the group with regard to coordinating efforts. The second half will be broadcast as a Hangout on Air for people to watch. We’ll aim to collect questions ahead of the meetings and address them during the broadcast with further options for an active Q&A session from the audience.

Q: Have the SG determined whether members of the association are yet contributing funds, or developers to the project? What are they? What happens if members don’t?

SG: There is ongoing work in this area. Most members are contributing in-kind (not exclusively developers). We’d be happy to make the pledged contributions public via the members listing on At this time it is an honour system with regard to meeting membership obligations that are provided in-kind. If a member is suspected of not providing the expected level of in-kind contribution then the Steering Group will investigate and consider appropriate actions upon conclusion of such investigations.

Q: How does the SG see its role with respect to providing direction for the project?

SG: Support the community of both technical stakeholders and users in ways which allow them to act in concert to move the project forward in the direction these stakeholders determine to be best for the project.

Q: How is the SG raising more funds, other than membership, to further fund development of CKAN?

SG: This is a question the Steering Group is working through currently. Our focus is on the Business Plan and putting strategic objectives down for all to see via that document. Grant applications and the coordination of requirements to meet the needs of a group of platform owners is also being considered. With the latter the proposed approach is to release an expression of interest for funding support against specific development activities. Those who highly value such activities would be asked to help contribute to a pool of funds that would then see the development work paid for.

CKAN Association Steering Group – about to set sail!

Steven De Costa - March 31, 2015 in Association, Events, Featured

boatThe CKAN Association Steering Group will be meeting in about 30 hours from now. I wanted to make sure we took the opportunity to ask for community questions regarding the CKAN project.

So, please comment here with any questions you might like discussed and/or answered by the steering group :)

This will be my first chance to catch up with everyone in the group so I will have lots of questions of my own. I’m also keen to provide updates on how I see things are going with regard to developing and extending the CKAN community and its reach with regard to communications activities. We have a modest starting point, so updates will be easy to provide. It would be great to get comments via this post on what more people would like to see. However, there are many action items incomplete from within the Community and Communications Team so I’ll also be reporting on that. We don’t yet have a list of CKAN vendors and this is clearly needed based on the number of CKAN Dev list requests regarding upgrade questions when planning a move to 2.3.

Some great positive indicators I see for the project are the number of people active on the CKAN Dev email list and the high volume of quality conversations that are taking place there. It appears the the 2.3 release has been the catalyst needed for a fantastic reinvestment (at least publicly) from both the regular technical team members and the wider community of awesome people doing amazing stuff within their own open data projects. I would like those on the steering group to recognise this change and actively work to support ###MOAR###!

As a new member of the steering group I should introduce myself. You can see the bio attached to this post but for a fresh video-cast of something I’m involved in within my local area you can also take a look at the Australian Open Knowledge Chapter Board meeting that was held earlier today. The video is embedded below. I do actually mention the work I’ve been doing within the CKAN association at some point so please excuse the ‘inception’-like self referential nature of all this.

The main message here is – steering group meeting in about 30 hours. Please comment on this post to amplify your voice within that forum.

Rock on!


The CKAN Association: Membership has its benefits.

Steven De Costa - March 2, 2015 in Association, Community, Featured

The CKAN Association, established in 2014, is set to grow rapidly in 2015 with a number of initiatives now being planned to attract free tier Supporter members as well as paid members for the Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers.

The newly established Community and Communication Team (C&C Team) is recruiting members now via their Google Group at:!forum/ckan-association-community-and-communication-team-group

The team needs your help with website updates, creative content development and community engagement. As a new team within the CKAN project they are looking for self motivated people to initially join a core team that will set the strategic communication objectives for the project and help to realise the incredible potential of the CKAN project.

If you can contribute as little as one or two hours per week then you’ll earn yourself a CKAN Association supporter badge, but that is just the start… by joining the C&C Team you’ll be in the middle of things and help to grow a worldwide community of awesomeness.

CKAN Association Badges

The following CKAN Association badges are now available. If you are already a member of the Tech Team then you can request to grab the Supporter Member badge via the C&C Team google group

Badge files and usage policy will be available on soon <- This is one of the todo items the C&C Team are recruiting help for!

The current list of CKAN Association members can be found here: /about/members/

CKAN Association Badges

CKAN High-Level Roadmap Consultation – Autumn 2014

Rufus Pollock - October 1, 2014 in Association, Roadmap

We are working to create a Roadmap of key technical and community work for the next 6 months and we want to hear from as many as possible of you in the CKAN community to find out what you think is important.

To aid this process we have created a long-list of Roadmap ideas in a Trello board which you can view, comment, vote on and add to – please take a look now and share your thoughts »

Roadmap Consultation Trello Board – vote, comment and discuss »

More Information

With the CKAN Association Steering Group and Technical Team in place, we can now think more about the CKAN “Roadmap”.

The goal here is to agree a short-list of 4-6 high-level technical and community items that CKAN Association will focus on in the next 6-12m.

The plan is as follows:

  • Build a “long-list” of potential roadmap item and review / prioritize with users and the community over the next few weeks
  • Create a final Roadmap selection (short-list) that will be the focus of our near-term work

Led by Ashley Casovan of the Steering Group, the Steering Group and the Technical Team have already prepped long-list of high-level roadmap items which can be found in trello here:

Please jump in and vote and comment.


How does this relate to Github Ideas and Roadmap Tracker

The current ideas and roadmap tracker was used as input for this long-list. The purpose of the trello long-list was:

To have a shorter high-level long-list that focused on key items (the issue tracker now has over 80 items of varying scope and detail)
Provide a simple interface in which people (including non-developers) could vote and comment

How will the Roadmap be resourced

The aim of the Roadmap is to produce a list of things that the CKAN Association and general community can specifically focus and execute on. We aim to produce a list that is commensurate with current (and anticipated) resources available to the CKAN Association based on Member commitments.

Where can I find out more about CKAN Roadmaps

See the Roadmap page.

Community Meeting: Friday 26 September 2014

Rufus Pollock - September 25, 2014 in Association, Meetups, News

The next CKAN Association Community meeting is planned for this Friday 26th September at 4pm London / 11am EDT.

One major proposed topic is the Roadmap but please suggest additional topics in the meeting doc or here on list.

To help us manage the meeting and get an idea of numbers if you intend to come please add yourself to the participants list in the meeting doc.


  • When: Friday 26 Sepember 2014 – 4pm London (BST) / 11am US East Coast (EDT) / 5pm European (CET)
  • Where: online (likely via WebEx or similar – link to come)
  • Text chat:
  • Chair: Jeanne Holm (GSA / Data.Gov)
  • Meeting Doc: Google Doc here – please add your name if you plan to come!

Draft Agenda

Announcing the CKAN Association Steering Group

Rufus Pollock - September 8, 2014 in Association, News

We are delighted to announce that we have finalized the initial membership of the CKAN Association Steering Group. At present it consists of 4 organizations and their representatives as follows:

  • Antonio Acuña (*), Head of, UK Cabinet Office
  • Jeanne Holm, Evangelist,, U.S. General Services Administration (
  • Pat McDermott and Ashley Casovan, Open Government Secretariat, Treasury Board of Canada (
  • Rufus Pollock (+), President (Open Knowledge)

(*) indicates Chair of the Steering Group
(+) indicates Secretary of the Steering Group

Steering Board Members will serve an initial term of 2 years and serve “ex officio” representing their organizations. We will continue to review Steering Group Membership and to consider potential new members as we go forward.

More Information About the Steering Group

The Steering Group is a key part of the CKAN Association. It is made up of key stakeholders who have committed to oversee and steer the CKAN Association going forward. The initial selection of the steering committee was coordinated by Open Knowledge.

Full details of the Steering Group can be found on the Steering Group page.

Introducing the Technical Team and Contributing to the CKAN Code

Rufus Pollock - May 22, 2014 in Association, Community, News

This post follows up the recent post about the CKAN Association to give more information about the new Technical Team (aka official “committers”) and also gives the latest information on how anyone can contribute to CKAN on the technical side of things.

How to Get Involved in Contributing

There are lots of way to contribute to the technical side of CKAN from filing bug reports to coding up new extensions or improving the core code. We’ve recently created a dedicated guide for folks interested in contributed to the core CKAN codebase, along with a new guide on how to extend CKAN with “extensions”.

Furthermore, contributing isn’t just about the “core” CKAN codebase – with CKAN’s rich API there are lots of things to build that never need to go near the core python codebase and allow you to use any language you want – PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Java etc.

For example, everything from a phone app, a visualization dashboard and integrations with third-party services can be done over the API without touching a line of core code. (If you’re interested in these sorts of contributions the “ideas tracker” on github is the best place to find out what people are doing – or share your own ideas).

The Technical Team

Overseeing, coordinating and directing contributions, especially for the core is the responsibility of the Technical Team. The Technical team is made up of experienced CKAN developers who have contributed back to the main CKAN repositories. The Technical Team meet regularly (currently twice a week) to review pull requests and discuss technical matters.

Technical Team membership is open to anyone and membership is granted based on a proven record of competence and contribution. The Technical Team current lead is Ian Ward who has been working on CKAN for

More about the Technical Team can be found on the Technical Team home page.

CKAN Community Hangout May 2014

Rufus Pollock - May 19, 2014 in Association, Community, Events, Meetups

The next CKAN Community hangout is on Wednesday 28th May and will be chaired by Antonio Acuña of

  • When: Wed 28th May at 4pm London (BST) / 11am East Cost US (EDT) / 5pm European (CET)
  • Where: Online (Google Hangout)
  • Agenda and Signup: online shared meeting doc

Topics to cover include:

  • Community show and tell – people can share what they’re up to
  • Discussion of high-level roadmap
  • CKAN Association updates and discussion

There is an open Google Doc for the meeting with an agenda and more

We recommend putting yourself down if you’d like to attend so we can plan for numbers.

The meeting will be by Google Hangout and we hope to run it as a hangout on air so it will stream (and get saved) on YouTube.