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2013 – A great year for CKAN

Darwin Peltan - December 20, 2013 in Recaps

2013 has seen CKAN and the CKAN community go from strength to strength. Here are some of the highlights.






  • CKAN 2.1 released with new capabilities for managing bulk datasets amongst many other improvements



  • Substantial new version of CKAN’s geospatial extension, including pycsw and MapBox integration and revised and expanded docs.


  • Future City Glasgow launch prototype as part of their TSB funded Future Cities Demonstrator programme


Looking forward

The CKAN community is growing incredibly quickly so we’re looking forward to seeing what people do with CKAN in 2014.

So if your city, region or state hasn’t already done so, why not make 2014 the year that you launch your own CKAN powered open data portal?

Download CKAN or contact us if you need help getting started.

CKAN Roundup – Week Beginning 23rd May

Lucy Chambers - May 23, 2011 in Recaps

Your weekly update from the world of CKAN:

From the Team Meeting

A short update this week as most people continue work from the previous week.

In addition:

  • Adrià Mercader is working to extend CSW support to make sure generic CSW servers are properly harvested.
  • OKFN partnered with Fry-IT, a London based company specialised in hosting python based web apps, this will mean we can now operate CKAN services at an even higher level of stability and availablility

From Twitter:

pe3: @ckanproject We are starting to have so many open datasets all over Finland that there is a need to activate

That’s all this week! More in a week’s time…

CKAN Roundup – Week Beginning 16th May 2011

Lucy Chambers - May 16, 2011 in Feature, Recaps

Your Weekly Roundup from the CKAN Channels:

From the Team Meeting:

  • David Read has been getting the buildbot to build the debian packages of CKAN and starting to get the installation tested using Virtual Machines. CKAN already has extensive unit and functional testing, and now we’re focussing on testing the deployment.
  • DGU form. This is the end of a large refactor which will make life easier for developers. Its intention is to make sure all ‘business rules’ are in a central place and that all the interfaces (eg api, web ui) go through it.
  • A discussion in going on as to how we allow moderation of package metadata in CKAN. We aim to get the user experience correct for both community editors and the moderators. We are also trying to work through the technical issues around doing this.
  • Jason Kitcat is working on bringing LOD2 and CKAN projects closer together to avoid duplication of effort on the projects
  • Seb Bacon attended FutureEverything, a conference about digital innovation, which had a strand called Open Data Cities. He also attended a meeting of the steering group for DataGM, a data catalogue for Data GM that we helped deliver using CKAN. The project is proving to be a really successful model for collaboration between different public bodies and has generated lots of momentum. Plans were discussed for allowing data to be hosted within CKAN, talked about integrating with InstantAtlas server, geographic data, and how to improve data quality.

From the blog:

From Twitter

StevenWalling: My @Wikimedia colleagues and I are thinking about how best to publish #opendata from our research. I lean toward CKAN. What do you think?

bymerej: @StevenWalling don’t see license info for CKAN either?

StevenWalling: @bymerej has a variety of licenses, but it’s FOSS so you can also self-host under any license.

rufuspollock: @acka47 do we know of any #openbiblio datasets not in (e.g. latest swedish release?) #ckan

acka47: @rufuspollock I don’t. Do you have any details about the swedish release? #openbiblio #ckan

CKAN Roundup – Week beginning 9th May

Lucy Chambers - May 11, 2011 in News, Recaps

I will be posting a weekly roundup of everything that happens outside the mailing lists to keep people informed of the wider discussion. If you have any comments on how this should look, or what should be included, please let me know. (lucy [dot] chambers [at] okfn [dot] org)

From the Community Meeting:

(a) Whether to rebrand or the CKAN software. – For the time being, no decisions have been reached. For the time being, people should make the distinction explicit in posts and discussions unless conversations relate both to software and
(b) CKAN FAQ – In order to clarify the above, from the original CKAN FAQ were born 3 FAQs.:

(1) The FAQ

(2) CKAN Software FAQ

(3) Managing Data Packages – a contributor’s guide

From the CKAN Team Meeting:

(a) Forms refactor (package done, end bits of group. Next step: harvesting. Then the one.)

(b) UKLP stands for the UK Location Programme it is a multi-million pound initiative to get geospatial data searchable by location on the site. OKF successfully delivered Discovery Metadata harvesting on 14th March and we got the first data publishers using the system last week. By the 9th May we had over 600 datasets harvested into A new release is planned for the end of May. We hope to be rolling out the same geo-spatial and catalogue-interoperability functionality for CKAN itself before too long so that others can make use of it too.

(c) Data Catalog Interoperability Meeting update:

(d) The CREP proposal was accepted and we have two CREPs in progress already:

(e) The CKAN Storage system has been rewritten – ready to use now.

Ongoing discussion from the Mailing Lists:

(a) [ckan-dev] It is important to have a list of installed CKANs and preferably an admin contact, check-in proposal: (chain beginning: Here )
– This discussion is ongoing. Will try and resolve asap.


bniemannsr: I have tried to collaborate with OASIS E-Gov, CKAN, SEMIC.EU Web Site& ADMS Community, ePractice, and UDEF for this SEMIC.EU presentation

Resolution: We agreed that once we had our “minimum interoperable subset” spec we’d get back to him to compare with him about a phase 2.