CKAN provides a rich RESTful JSON API for querying and accessing dataset information. The API gives access to:

  • Full querying / searching (with all features of the main interface, including full-text search, querying on any attribute and faceting)
  • Full dataset information, including download links
  • Stored data
  • Dataset listings by publisher, or by theme, etc
  • Recent activity and additions (also available via RSS/Atom feed)
  • Statistics on dataset usage, such as number of downloads of dataset resources using the Google analytics extension
  • RDF version of the catalogue (using the rdf extension)
  • CSV & JSON dumps of entire catalogue

The API is fully documented at http://docs.ckan.org/.

In addition to the read API, a write API can be provided for authorised users that allows for full update of dataset information (metadata). This enables publishers to easily integrate dataset publication with existing tools and workflows.

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