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Online meetup this week: catalogue metadata standards

March 12, 2012 in Events

This week’s CKAN online meetup will be on catalogue metadata standards. It will be on Thursday (15 March) at 1700 GMT (5pm UK time, 6pm Central European time). Anyone is welcome to attend – details below.

Data catalogues are springing up everywhere these days. This profusion of available data is great, but to maximise its potential, catalogues need to be able to share metadata – thus enabling, for example, searching across multiple catalogues. DCAT is one emerging standard for catalogue metadata, based on standard Linked Data classifications. What should be in such a standard and what should CKAN be doing about it?

How to attend

If you are interested in attending, please sign up on the etherpad. If you’ve any particular questions you’d like to talk about, note them down there, too.

Past and future meetings

Notes from the last meetup, on CKAN’s Datastore, are in the etherpad here. Thanks to those who attended this very interesting meeting.

After this week, the next meeting will be on 29 March, on groups in CKAN and the Datahub. A group is a curated collection of datasets, and there have been a number of new features and improvements for group maintainers recently. As usual, all are welcome!

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