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Around the globe, enterprise organisations trust CKAN as their data management system of choice.



The office of the CIO for LEGO Group looked to CKAN to implement a proof of concept internal Data Hub as the basis for an internal catalogue for global corporate data holdings.


Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)

The Humanitarian Data Exchange uses CKAN as a feature that essentially allows organisations working with sensitive data sets to give visibility to their work without sharing the actual data.


Energi Data Service

Energi Data Service is a free and open data portal where anyone can get data about the Danish energy system such as CO2 emissions and consumption and production data.


National Grid ESO Data Portal

The Electricity System Operator Data Portal (ESO) is one of the main custodians of energy data in Great Britain.

  • Soon, all our civil servants will be using CKAN. It makes publishing data openly a business-as-usual activity, as opposed to a specialised, ‘techy-flavoured’ task.

    Iain Fleming Open Data Strategy Lead at Open Data Northern Ireland
  • The sheer flexibility and modular nature of CKAN really sets it apart.

    Doug Young Data Cluster Coordinator at Scottish Cities Alliance

✅ Ready to go out of the box

CKAN lets you get a working data solution up and running in minutes. Create a base product quickly and start extending and customizing it as you go.

✅ Extensible, customizable, modular

Too many companies spend thousands adjusting their processes to fit a new technology. CKAN works around your existing workflows and systems.

✅ Free to use

Avoid vendor lock-in and expensive upgrades with open-source software. CKAN is aimed at those looking for a sustainable data management strategy.

Enterprise Working Group

CKAN’s combination of open-source codebase and enterprise support make it uniquely attractive
for organizations looking to build customized, enterprise- or government-grade solutions.

If your enterprise organisation is one of the many who are adopting CKAN for data management and data governance workloads, then

and join our new working group.

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CKAN for Government

CKAN has been adopted by National and regional Government organisations throughout the European Union, the Americas, Asia and Oceania to publish public data.

A look at how governments use CKAN