Activity streams: automatic updates from CKAN

  • Mark Wainwright
  • 05 Mar 2012
A natty new feature has been in development in CKAN recently. Want to follow what's changed in your favourite datasets? Activity Streams will let you list the changes you're interested in, or get notifications of them by e-mail or RSS feed, etc. The work has taken place behind the scenes so far, but Activity Streams have recently made their first appearance in a live setting on the Datahub's new and greatly improved user pages, visible below: [IMG: user page] The page shows a count of the user's edits and datasets (since the feature went live), above a list of both, most rcent first. (The old user pages did show edits, but in a not very friendly-looking table.) Now that Activity Streams have been implemented, future plans are to get a similar stream of information for particular datasets, groups, tags, or indeed any search results, subscribing via e-mail or an RSS feed. In more good news, Activity Streams have been included in the recently-released CKAN 1.6. Watch this space for a fuller release announcement soon!