CKAN 1.7.1 released

  • Adrià Mercader
  • 20 Apr 2021
The CKAN team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.7.1. This is bug fix release, and does not introduce any backwards incompatible change with version 1.7 (It is our intention to do the same with all forthcoming point point or minor releases). The new version is available on PyPI, the apt repository and of course via source install. See the administration guide for full installation instructions. For those users that deploy CKAN via package install, we have updated the upgrading instructions to make the process clearer, whether upgrading from another major version or the same major version. As usual, feel free to email the dev list or pop by on #ckan at if you need any help. A full list of changes is below.

v1.7.1 2012-06-20


  • Documentation enhancements regarding install and extensions (#2505)
  • Home page and search results speed improvements (#2402,#2403)
  • I18n: Added Greek translation and updated other ones (#2506)

Bug fixes:

  • UI fixes (#2507)
  • Fixes for i18n login and logout issues (#2497)
  • Date on add/edit resource breaks if offset is specified (#2383)
  • Fix in organizations read page (#2509)
  • Add synchronous_search plugin to deployment.ini template (#2521)
  • Inconsistent language on license dropdown (#2575)
  • Fix bug in translating lists in multilingual plugin
  • Group autocomplete doesn't work with multiple words (#2373)
  • Other minor fixes