CKAN 2.4 release and patch releases

  • David Read
  • 20 Apr 2021
We are happy to announce that CKAN 2.4 is now released. In addition, new patch releases for older versions of CKAN are now available to download and install. CKAN 2.4 The 2.4 release brings a way to set the CKAN config via environment variables and via the API, which is useful for automated deployment setups. 2.4 also includes plenty of other improvements contributed by the CKAN developer community during the past 4 months, as detailed in the 2.4.0 CHANGELOG If you have customizations or extensions, we suggest you trial the upgrade first in a test environment and refer to the changes in the changelog. Upgrade instructions are below. CKAN patch releases These new patch releases for CKAN 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x and 2.3.x fix important bugs and security issues, so users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest patch release for the CKAN version they are using. For a list of the fixes included you can check the CHANGELOG: Upgrading For details on how to upgrade, see the following links depending on your install method: If you find any issue, you can let the technical team know in the mailing list or the IRC channel.