Improved Resource Preview

  • Rufus Pollock
  • 20 Apr 2021
I've just deployed a much improved version of the data "preview" functionality to <>. You can see examples of it in action on these packages:
  • <>
  • <>
  • <>
  • More robust handling of csv's and xls (though we still have issues with appspot timing out on large (e.g. > 500k) xls files)
  • Plain text previewing of everything plain text
  • Simple iframe support for html and anything else
  • Nicer look to buttons and no display of buttons if preview won't work (e.g. compressed files)
  • More details: http://trac./ticket/962
Things I'd like to do next (and help wanted with):
  • Recognizing and handling apis and services e.g. api/sparql google docs, scraper wiki
  • E.g. for api/sparql we could create a little query box and let people run queries
  • E.g. for google docs recognize the spreadsheet option and then talk to their json API
  • Providing a bit of a dashboard in the preview so you can e.g. see more rows
  • Handling large (xls) files