Improvements to the CKAN Roadmap Process

  • Rufus Pollock
  • 13 Mar 2014
We have switched to a Github issue tracker for tracking and managing the ideas in the CKAN Roadmap (see also this pretty version). As detailed previously we have a public process for managing the roadmap for CKAN. This was being managed in Trello but is moving to a Github issue tracker. We have also updated the Roadmap page to give more information about the Roadmap and how it works:
The Roadmap provides stakeholders in CKAN, including users, developers and vendors, with the ability to shape and understand the future technical path for CKAN. Specifically, the Roadmap provides for:
  • Suggesting new ideas and features for CKAN
  • Prioritizing these into a schedule for future work especially on "core" CKAN
We emphasize that ideas don't just have to be about improvements to the core CKAN software - for example, the idea of creating a new phone app client for CKAN would be perfect thing to submit. Lastly, we should emphasize that, of course, just because an item is in the ideas tracker does not mean it will get worked on. If you want a certain feature implemented then the best way to ensure that happens is to sponsor its development - get in touch for more information

Check out the Roadmap

New ideas and current roadmap itself are managed via an issue tracker on github. Idea issue tracker along with instructions on now to make new suggestions » Prettier column-based view of the ideas and roadmap »