Migrating our mailing lists

  • Adrià Mercader
  • 20 Apr 2021
During CKAN long history, public community channels have played a crucial role on its development and adoption. The mailing lists are a really important part of these channels, allowing the community to request and provide support, showcase work and discuss issues related to the project. The current mailing lists ( and have been kindly hosted and maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) for over nine years alongside many other projects and communities centered around open knowledge and data. OKF has decided to discontinue the hosting of all their mailing lists, including the CKAN ones, so we need to find a new home for them. We will be migrating the mailing lists to new addresses, and These will be hosted in Google Groups, but a Google account is not required to join, and all basic interactions can be done in the same way as the old mailing lists (via email). Details on how to join are provided below and we encourage all current subscribers and those CKAN users who are not subscribed yet to join them. Some important points:
    1. We will be not automatically migrating current subscribers to the new platform. You must do the registration yourself (it only takes a couple of minutes, see below for details), and you can do so starting from today.
    2. The current lists will be shut down on Thursday December 19th 2019. They will accept new messages until then, but we will ask any new messages to be posted to the new mailing lists.
    3. We will be keeping the archives of the current mailing lists public. We believe they are an important knowledge base around the project and have an historical value for the CKAN project. Once we know the final location we will share the details.
  Please reach out to adria.mercader at or our Gitter channel if you have any questions or concerns about this.  

How to join the new mailing lists

There are two options depending on whether you want to use a Google account or not. Both will allow the same basic functionality (ie subscribe to new messages on the list, unsubscribe, etc).

Option 1: Using a Google account

  1. Sign in with your Google Account on
  2. Visit the CKAN mailing list you want to join:
  3. Click the blue "Join Group"  button next to the group name

Option 2: Using a non-Google email

  1. Send an email from the email account you want to register with to or
  2. Shortly afterwards you should receive a new email on the same account with subject "Join request for CKAN DEV ...". Make sure to check the spam folder
  3. Reply to that email (an empty subject and body are fine) or click the "Join Group" button on the email body.
  4. You should receive a second confirmation email with subject "You have joined the group". From that moment on you should receive any new message to the list to your email account