New security releases for CKAN 2.10 and 2.9

Update your CKAN sites to the latest release to patch important vulnerabilities


We are happy to announce that the new patch releases for CKAN 2.10.x and 2.9.x are now available to download and install.

These patch releases are particularly important to apply as they address a vulnerability in the resource id field that could lead to Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities, disclosure of private data, or DOS attacks (CVE-2023-32321). Users should upgrade as soon as possible to the latest patch release for the CKAN version they are using. In addition, users of the official Docker images (ckan/ckan-base and ckan/ckan-dev) should also pull the latest versions of them and rebuild their project images to incorporate additional security-related changes (CVE-2023-32696) :

docker pull ckan/ckan-base:2.10.1
docker pull ckan/ckan-dev:2.10.1

docker compose build ckan
docker compose stop ckan
docker compose rm -f ckan
docker compose up -d

Special thanks to Colin at Radiant Security for their responsible disclosure of the vulnerabilities and follow-up. If you want to report and discuss a potential vulnerability in CKAN do not hesitate to email

Patch release upgrades are very straightforward and do not contain any backward incompatible changes or involve any change in the database or Solr schema.

For more details, check the CHANGELOG for the relevant version: