New patch releases now available

Upgrade your CKAN site: get the latest fixes and security patches for versions 2.10.x and 2.9.x! Offering critical security updates and bug fixes, this essential update ensures enhanced system stability and security for all users. Includes comprehensive guidance for upgrading and specific details on Docker image updates.

december 2023

We are happy to announce that the new patch releases for CKAN 2.10.x and 2.9.x are now available to download and install.

As usual, these patch releases include important bug and security fixes, so users should upgrade as soon as possible to the latest patch release for the CKAN version they are using.

Please check the documentation for the relevant upgrade method depending on your CKAN installation.

In addition, users of the official Docker images (ckan/ckan-base and ckan/ckan-dev) should also pull the latest versions of them and rebuild their project images to incorporate the latest changes :

docker pull ckan/ckan-base:2.10.3
docker pull ckan/ckan-dev:2.10.3

# Or alternatively, if using the minor version:
# docker pull ckan/ckan-base:2.10
# docker pull ckan/ckan-dev:2.10

docker compose build ckan
docker compose stop ckan
docker compose rm -f ckan
docker compose up -d

Patch release upgrades are very straightforward and do not contain any backward incompatible changes or involve any change in the database or Solr schema.

For more details, check the CHANGELOG for the relevant version: