Pyramids, Pipelines and a Can-of-Sweave - CKAN Asia-Pacific Meetup

  • Steven De Costa
  • 18 Sep 2015

Florian Mayer from the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife presents various methods he is using to create Wisdom.

Data+Code = Information; Information + Context = Wisdom
So, can this be done with workbooks, applications and active documents? As Florian might say, "Yes it CKAN"!

Grab the code and materials related to the work from here:

asia-pacificThis presentation was given at the first Asia-Pacific CKAN meetup on the 17th of September, hosted at Link Digital, as an initiative of the CKAN Community and Communications team. You can join the meetup and come along to these fortnightly sessions via video conference.

If you have some interesting content to present then please get in touch with @starl3n to schedule a session.