Some new CKAN data portals

  • Mark Wainwright
  • 20 Apr 2021
As the benefits of Open Data are recognised more and more widely, more data portals are appearing. Here are some recent new platforms with hot fresh data baked in a CKAN oven, as well as a couple that are coming soon. Only about half the portals mentioned here have had direct involvement by the Open Knowledge Foundation, a striking testament to CKAN's open-source licence. For a fuller list of CKAN data catalogues around the world, see this page.

Greek Open Data hub

The newest CKAN site is part of the Greek Open Data hub, which was announced today by the Open Knowledge Foundation's Greek chapter. It includes a CKAN data repository as well as apps and info about the Greek Linked Open Data cloud.


Uruguay’s national open data portal was launched on 5 December. National and local government agencies can add datsets to the catalogue.

Aragon, Spain

Aragón Open Data provides data held by the Spanish region of Aragón. It is published by the Aragón government and went live this month.

Queensland, Australia

The state of Queensland launched the first governmental CKAN portal in Australia, Queensland Government data, in December 2012, with the help of the Open Knowledge Foundation. As the state premier said at the time, "The data held by the Queensland Government is the property of the people of Queensland. Therefore, where it is suitable for release, it will be released."

The recent upgrade to means that it is currently the only live site running the codebase for CKAN's forthcoming version 2.0. Read more about the upgrade here.

Coming soon

Many other data publishers are looking at how to implement open data platforms. Here are a couple that have made announcements recently.


As we noted in another post, the US government recently announced the decision to move its Open Data portal to run CKAN. This will for the first time combine general data in a single catalogue with the geodata previously catalogued at The Open Knowledge Foundation is working with the US government on the transition, including building new harvesting capabilities for geodata.


The German government has announced its intention to launch a national governmental data portal at The portal is being built by Fraunhofer Fokus, whose detailed description of the architecture of the site shows how CKAN will sit at the centre of the portal.