The Canadian Open Government team and the CKAN Association invite you to attend CKANCon 2018!

  • Steven De Costa
  • 07 Sep 2018

The Canadian Open Government team and the CKAN Association invite you to attend CKANCon 2018!

CKANcon will be on September 25th from 10:00-16:00 ART the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Remote participation is also encouraged. The conference is being held as a pre-event to the International Open Data Conference (IODC18) taking place later that week.

What is CKANcon?

CKANcon is the annual gathering of CKAN users and developers.  CKAN powers open data portals around the world.  It is the world’s leading open source data platform.  It supports open data by making it easier to publish, share, find and use data. This year, CKANcon is being designed for open data leaders, practitioners and developers.

Goals of CKANcon 2018

Topics for discussion will include how CKAN can support open data in an era of digital transformation.  We’ll discuss opportunities, challenges, and how the open data community can use digital platforms make progress. As the open data movement matures, the community needs to continue to find ways to take advantage of our technical platforms to expand and broaden how we ingest, manage and release open data. The objective of CKANcon 2019 is to explore how we can expand and strengthen CKAN as a platform for open data and information.


All attendees are welcome to participate regardless of their knowledge of CKAN, both from governments and from civil society. The event will be structured around three main components:

  1. Introductory presentation (Webex option)
  2. Case studies (Webex option)
  3. Unconference working groups and a roadmap of the future of CKAN (in-person only)

This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts on a prominent open source platform that’s re-shaping the way organizations share information with the public.


Please register here by September 21, 2018

UPDATE REGARDING LIVE STREAM For those who registered to attend online you will have received an email regarding the formal cancellation of this opportunity. We still aim to stream via a 'best effort' approach and will make any relevant announcements via the CKAN twitter account. You can also follow via #CKANCon on Twitter.

Additionally, the steering group and tech team will work on a new CKANCon Online event with the date to be announced n the near future. This will create an opportunity for more people to participate.

For those attending in person today, see you all soon!