The latest CKAN release is here, say hi to CKAN 2.10!

The latest CKAN release comes packed with new features and security improvements


The CKAN Teach Team is happy to announce the release of the latest stable version of CKAN, the long awaited CKAN 2.10.

This release is the culmination of a huge effort by all the project contributors and brings a long list of new features and enhancements to make CKAN more secure and easier to customize. As always the CHANGELOG contains a comprehensive list of all the changes in this version, as well as important Migration notes that existing site maintainers looking to update should carefully revise. In the official documentation you can find installation and upgrade instructions.

Some highlights

  • CKAN 2.10 incorporates built-in CSRF protection to help prevent this kind of attacks. This affects how extensions need to define forms so check our previous post that covers the changes needed.
  • The authentication system has been completely refactored to use Flask-login, to simplify it and make it easier to maintain. All site maintainers should check the Migration notes to learn more about this change.
  • Thanks to the Configuration declaration, it is much easier to track, validate and define default values for all the configuration options a CKAN site uses.
  • The new Signals system allows plugins to easily subscribe to events emitted by CKAN, as well as define their own.
  • The frontend templates have been migrated to Bootstrap 5 to keep in line with the latest improvements on this popular framework.
  • Several new CLI commands to manage API tokens and the search index, as well as ckan shell to help debug issues quicker when developing CKAN extensions.
  • A brand new Docker Compose setup to get up and running quickly with CKAN

New patch release for CKAN 2.9, versions dropped

In addition to the latest stable release, we have also released CKAN 2.9.8, that includes fixes and addresses security issues. The latest patch release is the only one supported by the CKAN team. For details on how to upgrade, see the following links depending on your install method: Upgrading CKAN.

As previously announced, the only two supported versions of CKAN going forward will be the latest patch releases of CKAN 2.10 and CKAN 2.9, so we are dropping support for CKAN 2.8. Also note that Python 2 on CKAN 2.9 is no longer supported (CKAN 2.10 supports Python 3.7 to 3.10).

If you find any issue, you can create a Discussion on the Github repository or join the Gitter channel.