A Call to UI Designers and Full Stack Developers: Help us Optimize User Engagement and Operational Efficiency for CKAN

Join our mission to refine CKAN! We're seeking skilled UI Designers and Full Stack Developers to optimize both user engagement and operational efficiency. Learn how your expertise can contribute to the future of data management.

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Greetings CKAN Community,

Calling all UI Designers and Full Stack Developers! We're seeking your expertise to keep CKAN not only functional but also indispensable in an ever-evolving tech landscape. This isn't just another job! It's an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the future of open-source data management.

🚀 Why This Matters

CKAN operates at the intersection of data management and open-source software, providing an indispensable service to a wide array of stakeholders. In light of an evolving technological paradigm, it is crucial that CKAN not only remains functional but also optimizes user engagement and operational efficiency. This endeavor is not merely a refresh of the user interface; it is a strategic reorientation aimed at ensuring CKAN's continued relevance and utility for emerging generations of data professionals and civic leaders.

🎯 The Mission

We’re seeking 2 passionate contributors from our community to take part in a paid project.

  • UI Designer
  • Full Stack Developer

📋 Project Responsibilities

  • Phase 1: Planning & Research
    • Conduct a thorough UI audit
    • Create and validate a screen map
    • Analyze feedback from users and publishers
  • Phase 2: Ideation & Design
    • Generate and prioritize ideas for UI enhancements
    • Create 2 drafts of a style guide
    • Create a low-res v.1 style guide and present it for review
    • Gather and incorporate feedback to create a high-res v.2 style guide
  • Phase 3: Implementation & Testing
    • Collaboratively design pages in Figma
    • Closely communicate with a front-end developer peer to understand the limitations and opportunities of a technology used
    • Implement and validate the updates
    • Test the new UI with a publisher and a user, then implement refinements

💡 The Deliverables

  • A next-gen, visually captivating, user-centric UI design
    • Delivered through an open and collaborative process
  • A seamless, responsive frontend codebase that’s not just functional but inspirational
  • Style guide
  • Screen map

🎨 UI Designer Requirements

  • Design Tools: Proficiency in wireframe and mockup tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe products.
  • UI/UX Expertise: A strong portfolio demonstrating user-centered design principles.
    Optional but Beneficial:
    • Front-end Basics: Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JS would be advantageous, but not essential.

🚀 Full Stack Developer Requirements

  • CKAN: Experience with CKAN is a must.
  • Python & Flask: Mandatory, as this will be the backbone for back-end integration.
  • HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap: Required for front-end development.
    Optional but Preferable:
    • HTMX: Beneficial for performance optimization; can be learned on-the-job.

📣 How to Get Involved

If you share our enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of what CKAN can achieve, please direct your email to and include in the cc field. For the email subject, please specify 'Application for UI Designer' if you're applying for that role, or 'Application for Full Stack Developer' if that's your area of expertise."

Let’s not just make CKAN better; let’s redefine the future of open data platforms. Are you in?