Keep Sharing, Keep Inspiring: #CKANDemoDays Goes On!

In the spirit of fostering a more inclusive and collaborative environment, we're thrilled to announce that #CKANDemoDays is not coming to an end β€” it's just getting started! Submit your video and become a part of a growing collection of CKAN success stories. Let us amplify your success!.


Great news for the CKAN community! Our #CKANDemoDays initiative, launched in sync with this year's Open Data Day's theme of leveraging open data to progress the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is not winding down β€” it's ramping up! We're extending the initiative to capture an even broader array of stories and experiences. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their narrative and to celebrate CKAN's impact further, we've decided to keep the momentum going.

In a Nutshell

Celebrating Open Data: This year, Open Data Day centred on the critical theme of utilizing open data to advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), following CKAN's endorsement as a digital public good (DPG). In conjunction with this focus, we launched #CKANDemoDays initiative to highlight CKAN's vital role in this global endeavor.

πŸš€ #CKANDemoDays. We're gathering all kinds of stories to display the myriad ways CKAN fosters innovation and tackles global issues. Whether you're deeply involved in development, manage projects, or simply cherish data, your CKAN story is key to demonstrating its global impact.

πŸ™Œ Invitation: Share your unique CKAN story! Create a video that delves into a project you've led, an aspect of CKAN that excites you, or a simple yet impactful insight, or anything else related to CKAN...

πŸŽ₯ Video Ideas:

  • Project Showcase: Highlight a project where CKAN was pivotal, detailing the impact and the journey.
  • CKAN Features: Share innovative ways you've utilized CKAN's features to solve problems or enhance projects.
  • Personal Insights: Offer a glimpse into your CKAN experience, sharing how it's influenced your work or perspective on open data.
  • Be Creative: Feel free to think outside the boxβ€”any content that shines a light on your relationship with CKAN is welcome.

🌟 Our Commitment to You: Your video will be included in a special playlist, featured in our blog posts, and shared across our social media channels to reach a broader audience. Curious? Read on below!

Need Context?

For more context, please read our previous article: CKAN Demo Days on Open Data Day: Let's Magnify "The CKAN Effect" Together!

🎯 Participate in CKAN Demo Days 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Share Your Story Through Video

  • Create a video that reflects your journey, challenges, and triumphs with CKAN.
  • Upload your video to your YouTube channel.

Step 2: Ensure Your Video is Featured

Step 3: Amplify Your Impact on Social Media

  • Share Your Video: Post your video on your social media platforms to increase visibility.
  • Tag and Hashtag: Tag us using @CKANProject on Twitter and @CKAN on LinkedIn. Don't forget to include the hashtag #CKANDemoDays. This ensures our team sees and reshares your content, further expanding your reach.

🌟 What We'll Do For You 🌟

Playlist Inclusion:

  • Your video will be featured in an exclusive playlist titled "CKAN Demo Days 2024" on the CKAN Association's official YouTube channel, dedicated to showcasing the CKAN project's vibrant community and innovative projects.

Amplified Sharing:

  • We will highlight your project across our blog and social media channels.
  • As co-stewards of CKAN, Datopian and Link Digital, will also share your work, significantly boosting its visibility.

πŸ€“πŸ“ To guarantee we'll see and reshare your content, you just need to tag us and include the hashtag #CKANDemoDays. Don't worry, our team will be on the lookout to reshare your content β€” just remember to tag us and include the hashtag!

See more details in our Quick Share Guide.

🌱 Resources for Download

To assist in your creations, some resources are available for download: