Happy New Year, dear CKANers!

Here's to unlocking innovative solutions and driving progress towards a more equitable future with CKAN. Happy New Year! May this year bring breakthroughs, deepened connections, and a world more empowered by the magic of open data.

19-new year 2024-01

As we leave behind the echoes of 2023 and step into the vibrant embrace of 2024, we're filled with an uncontainable excitement for the transformative power of open data. This year, let's not just unlock the doors to data access. Let's shatter them wide open!

With our collective commitment to open source and a shared vision for a more transparent and data-driven world, we are poised to make a profound impact on the way we collect, manage, and utilize public data.

In 2024, let us continue to break down barriers and democratize data access. Let us empower communities to harness the power of open data to solve real-world problems, foster innovation, and create a more equitable and prosperous future.

With CKAN as our cornerstone, we will persist in our dedication to streamlining data sharing, bolstering data quality, and promoting collaboration among governments, organizations, and individuals. We will continue to champion open standards and interoperability, ensuring that data remains readily accessible, reusable, and analyzable by anyone, anywhere.

As we forge ahead, it's imperative to pause and reflect on the people and collaborations that have been the bedrock of our achievements. Our journey wouldn't have been possible without the passion and expertise of a remarkable group of individuals.

Acknowledgments: Celebrating Our Community

To the vibrant CKAN Community, you are the driving force behind every milestone we reach. Your commitment and collaboration are the heartbeat of the CKAN Project.

CKAN Tech Team: The Backbone of Our Success

Our deepest gratitude extends to the dynamic CKAN Tech Team – Adrià Mercader, Ian Ward, Sergey Motornyuk, Jari Voutilainen, Konstantin Sivakov, Brett Jones, Patricio del Boca, and Eric Soroos. Each member's unique contributions have been instrumental in enhancing CKAN's technical prowess.

  • A Special Note on Adrià Mercader: While Adrià Mercader has recently transitioned from his role at the Open Knowledge Foundation, we are thrilled to share that he plans to continue contributing to the CKAN Project. This is indeed great news for our community! Adrià's insightful leadership and management skills have been a cornerstone of our success over the years. His ability to navigate complex challenges and his unwavering commitment to CKAN's vision are deeply appreciated. We look forward to his continued involvement and are excited about the valuable perspectives and expertise he will keep bringing to our project.

Alex Gostev: Consensus Builder

A special acknowledgment to our Product Owner, Alex Gostev. Alex's role has been pivotal in shaping the vision and direction of CKAN. His strategic insights, coupled with a keen understanding of user needs, have guided the project toward new frontiers of functionality and usability. His leadership in steering product development is foundational to our progress.

Co-Stewards: The Guiding Stars

The two co-stewards, Datopian and Link Digital, represented by Steven De Costa and Anuar Ustayev, deserve special recognition. Their leadership and strategic insights have been instrumental in steering the CKAN project to new heights, embodying the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives our community. Equally important is the acknowledgment of Rufus Pollock's contributions. Although he may not always be at the forefront, Rufus' support and inspiration are constant, providing a foundation of stability and vision that continues to inspire and propel the team forward.

Special Thanks To

We extend a special acknowledgment to our external contributors:

Joel Natividad and Sami Baig from datHere, as well as the whole POSE Team: Bob Gradeck, Nora Mattern, David Walker, Ross Reilly, Steven Saylor, Liz Monk, and Elise Silva from the University of Pittsburgh.

We’ve also had a couple of dozens of external contributors (non-tech team) in CKAN core and the official extensions. Special thanks to Tome Petrovski ( and Jesse Vickery (, who have submitted very valuable contributions!

Dragan Avramovic working as part of CKAN 3.0 Taskforce - he has brought a fresh perspective and valuable expertise to the team, bolstering our efforts in backend development and CKAN enhancements.

Our Global Family: The Heart of CKAN

To everyone involved in the CKAN Project, both directly and indirectly, your contributions form the mosaic of our success. This project is a living testament to the power of collaboration across borders and cultures. Your diverse insights and relentless commitment are the lifeblood of CKAN.

Happy New Year, dear CKANers!

Let's embark on this journey together, shaping the future of data management and empowering a data-driven world!

Best regards,
CKAN Project Team