We're launching CKAN Monthly Live!

CKAN Monthly Live - a series of monthly events to showcase CKAN to people - it’s #FreeToJoin and #OpenToEveryone. These virtual events are designed for end users, a space for our community to meet, get to know each other, and learn about uses and applications of CKAN. Each event includes multiple sessions and a live Q&A forum. Join our next meetup: it’s an opportunity to connect with the speakers, the other attendees and the whole CKAN community!



Register Now for the first meetup on June 16th 2021 (Wednesday) at 13:00 UTC

This month’s meetup will be about connecting and refreshing the conversations around CKAN. Co-Steward Steven De Costa will share an update on the ways CKAN is being used by organisations to manage data assets, showcasing a number of portals by government, corporate and non-profit organisations. Join us to learn about the architecture deployment for an enterprise CKAN portal, common data access patterns and data storage patterns.

We’re excited to welcome:

  • Rufus Pollock
    Co-Steward of CKAN Project | President at Datopian
    Rufus Pollock is an entrepreneur, researcher and technologist committed to democratizing data. Prior to establishing Datopian, Rufus founded the award-winning Open Knowledge Foundation - a leading international non-profit that empowers people and organizations with access to information and the tools and skills to make sense of it, as well as the CKAN project. A recognized global expert on open data and open knowledge, he has worked with multiple governments, IGOs such as the World Bank and the UN, businesses and CSOs. He is the author of The Open Revolution: Rewriting the Rules of the Information Age (2018).

  • Steven De Costa
    Co-Steward of CKAN Project | Executive Director at Link Digital
    Steven has worked in the internet and multimedia industry since 1997, founding Link Digital in 2001. He is a member of the CKAN Association Steering Group and is the Community and Communications Team Leader, a former national organiser of, and recently stepped down from his position as Secretary and Treasurer for the Board of Open Knowledge Australia. A strong communicator, Steven is a long-standing contributor within open data and open knowledge initiatives, regularly co-organising and presenting at related events.


Zoom Meeting

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    Meeting ID: 861 8088 9272
    Passcode: 563309

Meetings agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions – 5 min
  2. Community sharing & announcements - 20 min
  3. Discussion / Q&A – 15 min
  4. Closing – 5 min

You can have a look at the [CKAN Monthly Live] Meeting Doc. Feel free to add items and things you’d like to discuss to the agenda.

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We look forward to seeing you all on CKAN Monthly Live!

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