DataPusher+ - Towards Automagical Metadata

Join the upcoming CKAN Monthly Live webinar to explore DataPusher+, the advanced third-generation data ingestion tool for CKAN, presented by Joel Natividad. Learn how this tool enhances CKAN's data management by automating metadata handling and simplifying data stewardship.

    20 March 2024 - 15:00
CKAN Monthly Live - Video

Join us for an enlightening session at our upcoming CKAN Monthly Live, where we delve into the future of data management with Datapusher+. We are happy to host Joel Natividad, CEO at datHere, who will present the advancements in high-volume data ingestion with Datapusher+.

About DataPusher+

Datapusher+ (a fork of Datapusher) is the third-generation high-volume data ingestion tool for the CKAN Datastore. Beyond building on Datapusher’s data-type guessing and marrying it with XLoader’s exponentially faster loading speed that we previewed last year during the January 2023 CKAN Monthly Live, the latest version of DP+ goes further by automagically inferring a lot of metadata and automating other error-prone data publishing tasks that often discouraged Data Stewards from updating and maintaining their data inventory on a regular basis.

💡 Why Attend?

Join the webinar to gain insights on:

  1. Efficient Data Ingestion: Learn how to swiftly and reliably upload large datasets to the CKAN Datastore using DataPusher+.
  2. Empower Data Stewards: Discover how DataPusher+ encourages your team to regularly update and manage data, simplifying their tasks.
  3. Automated Metadata Handling: See how DataPusher+ can infer and pre-populate metadata fields, but also compute high-value “metadata resources” (e.g. high-value tabular data like summary stats, frequency tables, automatic aggregations) that normally take specialized data science tools and skills
  4. Innovative Data Workflow: Understand the "Data Resource Upload First" approach, which reimagines the data publishing/ingestion user experience, flipping the workflow by uploading data first, and inferring as much metadata as possible from the uploaded data in a few seconds, even for very large files.
  5. Easy Implementation: Learn how to deploy DP+ on your own CKAN instance
💡 In his presentation Joel will cover:
  • The driving forces and vision behind the creation of DataPusher+.
  • A live demonstration showcasing the capabilities and features of DataPusher+.
  • DataPusher+ Roadmap - the Data Resource Upload First (DRUF) Workflow, and what the team is doing to reduce Data Publishing Friction
🗣️ Speaker
  • Joel Natividad
    CEO and Co-Founder at datHere
    Joel Natividad is a passionate open data evangelist, entrepreneur, futurist, semtechie and a long-time open source contributor. Before starting datHere, he used to work at Datopian and OpenGov Inc. He was a member of the steering group of CKAN Association and as such, he worked with other CKAN stakeholders around the world to ensure the long-term future and sustainability of the CKAN project - a role he reprises in the “Towards a Robust, Open-Source Civic Data Ecosystem” study in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. After winning NYCBigApps twice, Joel co-founded his first open data startup – Ontodia in 2012, becoming the first CKAN professional services partner in the US, helping with several CKAN implementations, including NYC’s Department of Education, WPRDC and Boston. Ontodia was acquired by OpenGov in 2016, and while there, they helped implement OpenGov’s CKAN SaaS offering – which is in operation at ~50 agencies of all sizes across the US.


  • Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
  • Time: 13:00 UTC
  • How long: 60 mins
  • Language: English


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Google Meet joining info

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  • Or dial: ‪(BG) +359 2 907 4153‬ PIN: ‪492 965 761‬#
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Meetings agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions – 10 min
  2. Presentation from Joel – 20 min
  3. Discussion / Q&A – 20 min
  4. Community announcements and sharing (if any) – 5 min
  5. Closing – 5 min

You can have a look at the [CKAN Monthly Live] Meeting Doc. Feel free to add items and things you’d like to discuss to the agenda.

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