Innovating with CKAN: Lessons from Open Data Initiatives in India

Join the upcoming CKAN Monthly Live webinar featuring CivicDataLab, the pioneers in leveraging CKAN for civic engagement in India. Gain actionable insights into the development and sustainability of their open data platforms like OpenBudgetsIndia, Open City, and Justice Hub.

    18 October 2023 - 16:00
CKAN Monthly Live - Video

Note from Sept 20: Due to unforeseen health circumstances, we must regretfully cancel today's CKAN Monthly Live meetup with CivicDataLab. But don't worry, we've already rescheduled for Oct 18, Wed. Remember, it's every 3rd Wednesday of the month! Mark your calendars and thank you for your understanding!

This CKAN Monthly Live is not to be missed, as it will feature guest speakers from CivicDataLab, a pioneering organization that exemplifies how CKAN can be leveraged for impactful social initiatives in India.

🔥 About the Project

CivicDataLab works at the intersection of data, technology, design, and social science to strengthen civic engagements in India. The organization works to harness the potential of open knowledge movements and better enable citizens to engage in matters of public reform. They have developed several open data platforms using CKAN to increase access to public datasets in the areas of Public Finance, Urban Governance, and Law and Justice. Beyond that, CivicDataLab engages in the development of highly specialized, custom data solutions that serve to arm government entities and civil society organizations with the data-driven insights required for intelligent discourse and effective policy-making.

🎯 Why Should You Attend?

This session offers a unique learning opportunity for data scientists, policymakers, social activists, and CKAN enthusiasts alike. Here’s what you can expect to learn:
- Understand the motivation and challenges behind creating diverse data platforms like OpenBudgetsIndia, Open City, and Justice Hub
- Discover how CivicDataLab manages and sustains their open-data initiatives long-term
- Gain valuable insights into the lessons CivicDataLab has learned from using CKAN for their projects
- Learn about CivicDataLab’s framework for developing custom data platforms by decoupling CKAN backend and frontend systems


  • DeepthiChand (DC)
    Co-Founder at CivicDataLab
    A luminary in the data and tech space, Deepthi Chand, commonly known as DC, is laser-focused on leveraging technology to elevate civic engagement across India. At CivicDataLab, he spearheads initiatives in Better Cities and Education, driving innovation through open-source platforms. His leadership in DataKind Bangalore has been pivotal, setting strategic direction and operational excellence.
  • Abhinav Singh
    Tech Lead at CivicDataLab
    As the Tech Lead at CivicDataLab, Abhinav Singh is more than just a cog in the machine; he's the architect of the machine itself. Balancing mastery in Data Science and Backend Development, he orchestrates the tech infrastructure that powers CivicDataLab's transformative platforms. Passionate about knowledge sharing, Abhinav thrives in collaborative environments, delving deep to better understand and improve complex systems.
  • Shoaib Ahmed
    Associate Lead Engineer - FrontEnd at CivicDataLab
    Shoaib Ahmed is not just a Frontend Engineer; he's a digital craftsman. Specializing in building intuitive, accessible, and inclusive web platforms, his work makes complex data digestible for diverse audiences. At CivicDataLab, Shoaib's cross-sectoral contributions have been invaluable in delivering platforms that truly democratize data.
  • Sai Krishna
    Data Engineer at CivicDataLab
    Sai Krishna brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical savvy to CivicDataLab as a Data Engineer. With a background that spans both development sector research and consulting, he’s focused on scaling impactful solutions via open-source technologies. Sai prefers to be identified as a problem solver rather than just a techie.


  • Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2023
  • Time: 13:00 UTC
  • How long: 60 mins
  • Language: English


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Google Meet joining info

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  • Or dial: ‪(BG) +359 2 907 4153‬ PIN: ‪492 965 761‬#
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Meetings agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions – 10 min
  2. Presentation from CivicDataLab – 30 min
  3. Discussion / Q&A – 15 min
  4. Community announcements and sharing (if any) – 2 min
  5. Closing – 3 min

You can have a look at the [CKAN Monthly Live] Meeting Doc. Feel free to add items and things you’d like to discuss to the agenda.

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We look forward to seeing you all on CKAN Monthly Live!