How SSEN Became the First DNO to Launch an Open Data Portal with Detailed Smart Meter Consumption Data

Discover Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)'s Open Data Portal, a pioneering initiative enhancing energy data transparency and empowering sustainable decision-making in the energy sector. Learn how this platform supports net-zero goals and fosters innovation among energy stakeholders.

    15 May 2024 - 16:00
CKAN Monthly Live - Video

Join us for an enlightening session at our upcoming CKAN Monthly Live, where we'll explore Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)'s Open Data Portal. The Open Data Portal offers insights into electricity consumption, supporting the UK's net zero transition through accurate demand modelling and identifying opportunities for low-carbon technologies.

We are excited to feature insights from Michael Glass of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) alongside experts from Datopian development team. This session will provide an in-depth exploration of SSEN's innovative use of smart meter data and its transformative impact on the energy sector. Join us for a session that promises to illuminate the possibilities of data-driven energy management and sustainable practices.

🌍 About the Open Data Portal Initiative

SSEN, a leading Distribution Network Operator (DNO) powering over 3.8 million homes and businesses, is at the forefront of integrating sustainable energy practices and digital transformation in the energy landscape. The new Open Data Portal, developed using CKAN and PortalJS, is a strategic move within SSEN's Digital Action Plan for 2023, designed to enhance data transparency and empower informed decision-making across the energy sector.

🔌 Revolutionizing Energy Data Accessibility

SSEN Distribution is the first Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to publish comprehensive smart meter half-hourly consumption datasets. These datasets are aggregated to provide Network Level Visibility, thereby maximizing their utility for the energy sector and stakeholders while safeguarding consumer privacy. Available on SSEN’s Open Data Portal, this data covers over 1.8 million smart meters in SSEN’s northern and southern license areas, translating to more than 170 million readings daily. Currently, 54% of meters in SSEN’s regions are 'smart,' with this number increasing steadily as the UK’s smart meter rollout progresses.

By providing daily access to this detailed data, SSEN offers invaluable insights into the energy consumption across 84,000 Low Voltage street-level feeders and more than 36,000 distribution substations. Recognizing the immense value of smart-meter data, SSEN is enabling itself and other stakeholders - including local authorities, flexibility markets, academia, and energy suppliers - to model electricity demand more precisely and efficiently.

🌿 This initiative marks a significant step towards innovative energy consumption management and showcases SSEN's commitment to a sustainable future.

💡 Why Attend?

Join the webinar to gain insights on:

  • Innovative Data Use - Learn about SSEN's pioneering approach to utilizing smart meter data. With over 1.8 million smart meters installed, SSEN's initiative represents one of the most extensive and granular data collection efforts in the energy sector.
  • Impactful Outcomes - Understand how this data is being used to model electricity demand more accurately, which is crucial for the transition to low-carbon technologies and achieving Net Zero goals.
  • Data Privacy and Best Practices - Discover how SSEN navigates the complex landscape of data privacy while maximizing the utility of the data through innovative aggregation methods approved by Ofgem.

Join us for this session to explore how SSEN is leading the way in using data to drive smarter energy solutions and support the sustainable transformation of the sector.

🗣️ Speakers
  • Michael Glass
    Data Governance and Information Manager at SSEN Distribution
  • Technical Support from Datopian
    A team from Datopian will be present to address any technical inquiries, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the functionalities of the data portal.


  • Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
  • Time: 13:00 UTC
  • How long: 60 mins
  • Language: English


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Meetings agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions – 10 min
  2. Presentation from Michael – 30 min
  3. Discussion / Q&A – 15 min
  4. Community announcements and sharing (if any) – 3 min
  5. Closing – 2 min

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